The Chickenshit Club by Jesse Eisinger

The Chickenshit Club tells us why the US Department of Justice does not prosecute white collar crime any more. Why do rich people skirt justice? Why didn't anyone in charge of a financial institution during the crisis of 2008 go to jail? Or even get brought up chargess?

This book attempts to answer that. This is a hard book to read without getting mad or frustrated, fair warning.

The answer is basically "because all those poor people lost their jobs in the fall out of Enron". And those on the side of the corporation says that this is a reason to avoid punishing companies. What about the employees (children)! Maybe don't run a company in such a way that would cost people jobs? Nope, money to be made.

There are no heroes in this book, but a lot of familiar faces. Mueller, Comey, Ken Lay, and more goons from the early oughts and the current era are here in force.

If the premise interests you, read it. Take your BP meds.

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